Quotes and Rates

My standard rate for translation is €0.10 a word of English target text. At 5 characters per word and 1400 characters per page, this equates to roughly €28 a page, which is very competitive for a technical translation carried out by a specialized translator.

My standard rate for proofreading is €0.025 a word or €7 a page, but I reserve the right to charge a higher rate if I can see that a document requires substantial editing (rewriting of entire sentences and paragraphs to improve style, eliminate ambiguity and cut down on wordiness).

I generally work in Word and rely on the document statistics for the number of characters, words and pages.

Special rates

Volume discount

Large translations and proofreading jobs of more than a few pages often cost less per page. This is because as the translator advances through the project they get more familiar with the subject matter and its specific terminology and can work faster, increasing their output. Where appropriate, I will take this into account, either by quoting a lower rate or reducing the final word count.

Discount for repetitive texts

I have recently acquired SDL Trados Studio, which takes account of any repetitions that occur during the course of a translation or within a series of similar translations for the same customer. These will be taken into account in my final word count.

Student discount

Undergraduates or graduates who wish to publish an article, dissertation or thesis in an English-language journal will be looked on kindly and quoted an affordable rate.

Tight deadlines

I am prepared to work evenings and weekends, but obviously rush jobs may come at a price. There is a limit to how fast and long a translator can reasonably work without sacrificing quality. And if there’s a problem with the final product, it will reflect negatively on the translator. If I can foresee having to perform a translation under extreme time pressure, it is at my discretion to quote a higher price or decline the assignment.

Difficult texts

Ultimately, difficulty equates to either more time spent or lower quality. Extra time must be allowed for researching complex texts. Otherwise the same arguments and conditions apply as for tight deadlines.

In all cases, I will ask to see the text for thorough perusal before giving a binding quotation.


All work entrusted to me will be treated in complete confidentiality. A formal confidentiality agreement can be drawn up if required.